I LOVE this easy way to create a morning routine and find out how to start the day full of energy! it also comes with a FREE calculator to know how long you need for your morning routine, when you need to wake up and when you need to go to bed! Go to to download it.
This month we have talked a lot about self-care. First with the self-care challenge in the Peaceful Tribe, and we previously talked about why you need a morning routine.
Now we are going to talk about how much sleep you need and calculate when you need to get to bed.

To help you, I created a free spreadsheet to automatically calculate when YOU need to go to bed.


How much sleep do you need?

According to the National Institutes of Health, adults need between 7 hours and 8 hours of sleep every night.

Why do you need 7 to 8 hours of sleep?

Sleep affects your physical and mental status. A good night of sleep will improve your learning, your memory, and your mood.

According to studies, if you sleep 8 hours you will be able to stock more information in your brain and remember more of the things you have learned during the day. It was also found that it’s important to have a good night’s sleep before a mentally challenging task.

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute also indicates that “People who chronically suffer from a lack of sleep, either because they do not spend enough time in bed or because they have an untreated sleep disorder, are at greater risk of developing depression”.

You read it right: Lack of sleep can make you more susceptible to depression.

Tips to help you sleep

In the article How to Easily Sleep when your Mind is Preoccupied, I share a few tips about what helps me to fall asleep when I feel stressed.

Today, I am going to share tips from the National Institute on Aging:

  • Follow a regular sleep schedule: Go to sleep and get up at the same time each day, even on weekends or when you are traveling.
  • Avoid napping in the late afternoon or evening, if you can: Naps may keep you awake at night.
  • Develop a bedtime routine: Take time to relax before bedtime each night. Some people read a book, listen to soothing music, or soak in a warm bath.
  • Try not to watch television or use your computer, cell phone, or tablet in the bedroom: The light from these devices may make it difficult for you to fall asleep. And alarming or unsettling shows or movies, like horror movies, may keep you awake.
  • Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature, not too hot or too cold, and as quiet as possible.
  • Use low lighting in the evenings and as you prepare for bed.
  • Exercise at regular times each day but not within 3 hours of your bedtime.
  • Avoid eating large meals close to bedtime: they can keep you awake.
  • Stay away from caffeine late in the day: Caffeine (found in coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate) can keep you awake.
  • Alcohol won’t help you sleep: Even small amounts make it harder to stay asleep.

1. Create a morning routine

In the article 5 Reasons Why You Need A Morning Routine, I share with you why you need a morning routine.

Now we are going to create a morning routine.

In the Google Sheet, you will find a table with a two column. The first step of this exercise is to write all the things you have to do in the morning in the column Tasks.
It can be anything:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Take a shower
  • Write morning pages
  • Meditate
  • Do yoga
  • Prepare breakfast
  • Get the little one ready
  • Feed the Cat
  • Work on your blog
  • Check your social media
  • Put makeup on
  • Do your hair
  • Have a quiet moment
  • Workout
  • Go for a walk
  • Anything you want!

2. Estimate the time you need in the morning

Now that you know everything you want to do in the morning, you need to think about how long it will take for each task.

All you have to do is add the time in the column Estimated time and it will automatically calculate the time you need to do your morning routine!

The format you need to enter is h:mm

3. Think about when you need to be ready

Then, think about when you need to leave your home to be at work on time or to drop off the little ones.

Add the time you need to be ready to start your day in the Google Spreadsheet!

4. Do the math

Once you have your morning routine time and the time you need to be ready added to the free calculator, you will know what time you need to set your alarm in the morning and in the evening.

I have my Fitbit Charge 2 vibrating at 9:30 pm to remind me to stop looking at screens and start getting ready to go to bed.

I like to read fiction to help me fall asleep so I calculate my bed time with one extra hour.

And voilà, now you know exactly when you should wake up and go to bed to start the day beautifully.

How to calculate how much sleep you need

So now that we know how much sleep we need, let’s find out when you need to go to bed.

You can download a free Google Sheet document to help you:

  1. Create a morning routine
  2. Estimate the time you need in the morning
  3. Think about when you need to be ready
  4. Do the math

Discover when you need to go to bed and wake up in the morning to start the day on a positive way!

Further Reading

Over to you

According to the calculator, at what time do you need to go to bed? Share your answer in the comments!

Easily find out when to sleep with the FREE calculator to create your morning routine, know how long it takes, when to wake up and to go to bed!

Find Out When You Need To Sleep
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Find Out When You Need To Sleep
Easily find out when to sleep with the FREE calculator to create your morning routine, know how long it takes, when to wake up and to go to bed!
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Julie was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during the summer of 2016 and have since been fighting mental health stigmas by bringing awareness on the subject and sharing tips to help people become happier. Read Julie’s inspiring story, “My Journey Into Acknowledging The Depression.” Feel free to send a message to Julie here.

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  1. A interesting recap of a basic time of the day people tend to consider without the proper level of importance. Yet our full day and life are depending on how well we slept!

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