Do you want to create a successful morning routine? here's everything you need to think about! #morningroutine #newlife #selfcare

What You Need To Know When You Create Your Morning Routine


Do you want to create a successful morning routine? here's everything you need to think about! #morningroutine #newlife #selfcare

Here we are again, now that I am back at work, I need to start over my routine. The good thing is that the past six months I got the time to create new processes to automate a bit of my work on the blog! So I will be able to enjoy working on Hello Peaceful Mind while working full-time.

So now I am rethinking my morning routine to start the day with some me time before starting my work, and I wanted to share with you everything that I am taking into consideration to start the day right.

1. Sleep

The most important thing is sleep. If you don’t get your 8 hours of sleep at night, your body and your mind are going to be tired. To help you calculate at what time you need to sleep, download the free sleep time calculator here.

Having enough sleep will:

  • help you memorize what you learned during the day
  • improve your mood
  • restore your body and mind

Plus, if you are tired, it’s going to be challenging to be productive and focus during the day.

So whatever your routine is, make sure that you go to bed early enough to be able to function during the day.

For example, I wake up at 7 am during the week, so I disconnect from screens at 9:30 pm to get ready to go to bed and read for an hour or two before falling asleep usually around 10:30 – 11 pm.

2. Areas of focus, projects, and goals

When you are creating a new morning routine, you need to think about what you would like to change in your life to make sure that you set some time to work on it.

At the beginning of the year, we thought about what areas we would like to improve in our life. If you haven’t done it yet, you can download the free workbook here. So think about how you can include them in your morning routine.

For example, I want to eat healthier and workout regularly to have a stronger body to reduce the pain in my knee.

Another thing to think about is your projects and goal. You might want to write a book, create a blog like Hello Peaceful Mind, or anything else. I believe that working on these before starting your workday if you can, will help you make progress on it.

It depends on your situation, I am working from home and don’t have kids so if I wake up at 7 am, it leaves me with a couple of hours to do my routine before I start my job.

3. Variation

Here’s the mistake that a lot of people do when creating a habit, they usually plan to do the same every day. But to be honest, it’s not realistic, especially if you have several areas of focus, projects, and goals.

So remember that it’s okay to create more than one morning routine, you can even do one for each day of the week if you want 🙂

Since I want to focus on both my blog and exercising, I am creating two morning routines:

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: gym
  • Wednesday, Thursday: blog

Both routines will have a different order of how I do things. For example on blog days, I will take my shower when I first wake up while on gym days it will be after exercising.

4. Why

I think it’s important to know why you want to do this routine. If needed write it somewhere you will see every morning to help you get the motivation to wake up earlier and work on your projects.

But here’s a thing that you need to remember, starting the day by doing something that you love and do for yourself is going to make you start the day on a positive note and will help you get out of bed more easily.

Since I started working on my blog before going to work, I stopped saying “5 more minutes”every time I heard my alarm, even after being snoozed. It’s your time to become who you want to be and follow your dreams.

For example, I want to work on Hello Peaceful Mind because it helps me take action to live a happier life, and I love helping others.

5. Logistic

Now let’s talk about logistic. I live in a two-story house so it can be annoying to be running up and down the stairs all morning.

If you can, group your tasks by zone.

For example, I try to group my tasks from the bedroom and bathroom since they are next to each other.

When I don’t go to the gym, I open the windows in the bedroom, take a shower, brush my teeth, do my hair, put mascara and eyeliner on, make the bed and close the window before going downstairs and having breakfast.

I find it easier and more effective than going back and force between rooms that are at the opposite side or on different floors.

6. Organization

When I was reading The Power Of Meaning from our purpose reading list, I realized why I love writing.

Writing down what’s in your head allows you to organize and analyze your thoughts. This is why I think it’s a good idea to write down every task even the little ones to help you visualize your new morning routine.

For example in the evening instead of merely writing “brush teeth,” I put: “brush teeth, floss, mouthwash.”

Plus, you can make several copies of it and use it as a checklist at the beginning to help you get used to your new routine.

7. Changes

As you know by now, our journey is always a learning experience. So it might take a little bit of time and many trials and errors before finding a routine that works for you.

When you start testing your new routine, you will find out that some things are not working the way you expected and it’s okay. You will learn from it and can make changes that will be a better fit.

Don’t give up!

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Julie was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during the summer of 2016 and have since been fighting mental health stigmas by bringing awareness on the subject and sharing tips to help people become happier. Read Julie’s inspiring story, “My Journey Into Acknowledging The Depression.” Feel free to send a message to Julie here.

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  • Tolu

    June 28, 2018 at 12:28 pm Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I recently: just this week started a conscious morning routine. I also read to start my Day two hours before i have to go to work. and the main aim like you said is to do something for myself. For me work starts when i get the kids out of bed to prepare them for the day. I have succeeded in doing this a few days now i do really have a positive day. but for the other days where i have to work late and cannot get up early enough i just ignore. I really love your point on Variation. one just have to figure out what works for you. … My longest post ever i think.

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