Download your FREE weekly brunch planner to spend a good time with your friends and family! Go over to for more details.

How to Organize a Fun Weekly Brunch


Download your FREE weekly brunch planner to spend a good time with your friends and family! Go over to for more details.

We started a new tradition with my husband, every Saturday we have friends coming over for Brunch.

We decided to have a weekly brunch for many reasons.

For one, with our routine life, we don’t see our friends anymore. When I first moved in Seattle most of us lived in the same neighborhood. My husband was in a band, and I was more involved in the French community. In short: we used to see our friends all the time.

Six years later, and we all live in different neighborhoods. Some bought a house down south, and others up north. Some have kids, some not. It just became so difficult to see everyone as much as we used to. And let’s be honest, after a long day and week at work we are lazy to drive to the city.

So we decided that we needed to change this and came up with the idea to start a weekly brunch. I actually got the idea after watching the movie If I Stay (which I highly recommend if you haven’t read the book or watch the movie, but keep a box of kleenex next to you because you are going to cry.)

To help you, I create a free planner that you can download by filling the form below!

Download your FREE weekly brunch planner to help you hang out with your friends and family more often! Go to

Why you should organize a Weekly brunch ?

  1. Studies have shown that socializing is a good way to fight depression
  2. You will see your friends and/or family more often
  3. It will force you to keep your house clean
  4. You will learn to cook new dishes
  5. You will create new fun memories

Who you should invite to brunch ?

Since you are creating a new tradition, you need to make sure to invite only people you care about and you really want to see. The list of guests will probably change with the time, some people might just remove themselves from the discussion and it’s okay.

First, you need to think if you want to have a weekly brunch with your friends, your family or both.

For us, we decided to only invite friends because my husband has a big family and ever since we moved up north of Seattle, we are too lazy to drive to hang out 😀

We invited all of our friends living in the area (over 20 people). But guess what? We have never had more than 6 people coming over at once.

It’s fun to see all of these people, talk about our lives, eat Nutella with pancakes (might be a french thing to put more Nutella than pancakes on our plates haha), and just have a good time.

Where you should have brunch ?

There are several possibilities if you don’t want to host a brunch at your place you can simply picnic in a park or find a restaurant that you like.

We decided to host the brunch at our place because we have enough room to sit inside when it’s raining, or outside when it’s sunny. Plus, it’s forcing us to keep the house clean 😉

But we might try brunch in the park sometime. The truth is, nothing is stopping you from changing places. You can alternate the host if you want, you can do whatever you want. The goal is to have fun, not stress about it!

When You should have brunch ?

Basically, you have two choices: Saturday or Sunday. We personally decided to go with Saturday because, for one, my husband works on Sunday and I like to stay in my pajamas and work on my blog when he’s at work.

But Sunday might work better for you. It all depends on your schedule. If you are free both days you can easily create a poll in a Facebook chat with your friends and family to see which day would be better.

Then you need to set a time. We usually do 11 am or 11:30 am but people are always late so we don’t really eat until 12:30 pm

When we are done with brunch I like to suggest an activity that we could do together like going to the beach and enjoy the sun or doing the independent bookstore day in Seattle. If some people already have plans, then we part ways until next week.

What to make for brunch?

To be honest you don’t need to make fancy food. What matters is to be with friends. The first two weeks we made pancakes from the box, with all of the food that our friends brought we had more than enough.

Another week one of our friends brought delicious Monte-Cristos sandwiches so we decided to make a fruit salad (we actually bought two fruit salads, mixed them together and added an apple).

This weekend I am thinking about doing tuna cakes, which are really easy to make.

So you see you don’t need to stress about food. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

I think that it’s a good idea to communicate with the group what you are making and what they are bringing.

Step by step guide

Here is how we organized our weekly potluck brunch.

  1. We create a Facebook chat with all of the people we wanted to invite
  2. I sent the following message:
    Hello friends!!! We feel that we never see you. To be honest it's probably because we're too lazy so we decided to change this and create a new tradition at the Voss. We know how much you love our Christmas party and seeing Brandon sleeping in the middle of the living room so why not make this a weekly event?? Starting this Saturday you are all invited to join us for brunch at 11 am. It's going to be a potluck kind of things because you all know that I only cook frozen food and Jimmy spaghetti... So please come over with a dish to share and your joie de vivre !! We can't wait to get this started and see you any Saturday you feel like hanging out with very cool people like us!!
  3. We create a new plan every week on the chat to set a reminder
  4. And then we let them know what we are going to make to start the discussion about food…

And voila!

There are many ways you can organize this. You can create a facebook group, an email discussion, an SMS chat, etc…

So now that you know how to do this, download the free Weekly Brunch Planner to start this fun tradition this weekend!

Download your FREE weekly brunch planner to help you hang out with your friends and family more often! Go to


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