Are you experiencing any of the following substance abuse symptoms?

Have you tried to reduce your use (or stop completely) with no success?

Are there negative or unwanted consequences to your continued use? (for example: losing a job, stress on relationships, legal trouble, health concerns, debts)

Do you experience physical/psychological cravings?

Have you experienced any withdrawal symptoms? (examples: fatigue, insomnia, nightmares, oversleeping, ‘the shakes’, increased anxiety, or always feeling ‘sick’)

Do you require more of the substance in order to achieve the same effects (increased tolerance)?

Have friends and/or family members expressed concerns regarding your substance use?

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Addiction is the continual attempt to escape from the pains of reality until the addiction itself becomes the most painful reality of all. By confronting our fears and processing pain, we free ourselves from addiction and can live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Hello Peaceful Mind approach to anxiety

  • Consultation

    to assess individual needs

  • Treatment planning

    personalized to fit your goals

  • Weekly or biweekly session

    for guidance and support

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What Substance Abuse counseling can do for you

Help to develop personalized strategies for staying sober or minimizing substance use / abuse

Reduce psychological cravings

Explore unresolved issues related to substance use / abuse (anxiety, depression, trauma)

Reduce the urge or 'need' to use drugs and alcohol

Improve overall life satisfaction