Are you experiencing any of the following anxiety symptoms?

Do you think the same anxious thoughts over and over again?

Do you frequently worry about things outside of your control? Inside of your control?

Do you feel restless or on edge?

Do you feel like you must always stay busy?

Are you having difficulty staying in one place?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Do you feel tense?

Are you often irritable? Annoyed?

Have you been avoiding people, places, and things because of your anxiety?

Are these issues affecting your relationships? Work? Or other aspects of life?

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Those who suffer from anxiety are often well aware of how crippling and elusive it can be. It can make seemingly “easy” tasks appear impossible and can affect nearly every aspect of our lives, from interpersonal relationships to getting a good night’s’ sleep.

Hello Peaceful Mind approach to anxiety

  • Consultation

    to assess individual needs

  • Treatment planning

    personalized to fit your goals

  • Weekly or biweekly session

    for guidance and support

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What anxiety counseling can do for you

Increase confidence

Improve interpersonal relationships

Help relieve physical symptoms, like stomach aches and headaches

Improve sleep

Better ability to 'raise to the occasion' and meet life's demands

Reduce work-related stress

Improve sense of self, self-efficacy, and self-esteem

Improve overall life satisfaction