Sara Christensen will show you how to create your very own sacred life plan. You will discover how to prioritize, make a plan and commit to your dreams.

How to Create Your Sacred Life Plan


Sara Christensen will show you how to create your very own sacred life plan. You will discover how to prioritize, make a plan and commit to your dreams.
There was a time in my life when all I could do was make it through the day. I was always late and behind on something. Reacting to everything being thrown at me. Feeling exhausted and like I was doing a bad job at life.

I was in 100% survival mode. Barely making it through the days.

I felt at the mercy of powers beyond me. As if fate, luck or destiny had its mystical hand in my happiness.

I had a sense of powerlessness and was scared that the good times wouldn’t last. Or worse, the bad times would.

Then it dawned on me that if I continued to live my life in a drift, responding to things as they happened, I would continue to go exactly where the tides take me.

Then I woke up and learned that I can be as happy as I choose to be through mindfulness and living on purpose.

Then I woke up and learned that through intention and design, I can build the divine life I wanted to live.

Then I woke up and decided to steer my life toward choosing, rather than allowing, life’s fates to wash me ashore to a place I’d never choose for myself.

So can you.

Yes, friend, you can do the same and here’s how in four steps. I also created a worksheet for you to follow along, so click here to get it.

STEP 1: Define your dreams and goals

Determine what’s important to you and what you deeply desire. Not what you think “should” be important, but what your luminous soul craves.

Not everything is important and a priority—and that’s ok. Define it. Name it. Write it down.

This can be a difficult exercise because lots of things are important in life, right? Or are they?

When you look at it critically, you’ll notice that many things we define as important today are simply “filler” to make you look busy or feel like you’re not wasting time.

There are, in truth, only a scant handful of things in life that really are beautifully important. You can probably count them on one hand.

STEP 2: Prioritize

Once you define what’s important to you, what are the top three priorities? Not everything can be in that top three. Decide what those are.

When you try to make everything a top priority, nothing is a priority and you slip into that scramble and survival mode.

You have just so many hours in the day and energy, so choose thoughtfully and from your mindful heart.

It doesn’t mean that those other things aren’t worthy. It just means that at this moment in time, they’re not your very top focus. That’s ok and you can revisit those later.

STEP 3: Create an Action Plan

In the top three most important areas of your life right now, what one specific thing can (and will) you do THIS WEEK to get you closer to the life that you truly want to be living?

Focus on actions that you can control and what you can do immediately. Consider these spiritual and holy promises to yourself. Promises to be revered and exalted.

STEP 4: Commit

Take your items from step three and write a sacred pledge to yourself. A pledge that you will honor yourself and your existence on the planet to do these three things this week.

Put your consecrated pledge somewhere you look every day. Make a promise to do those few things. Do them. Hold yourself accountable for doing those things and don’t allow your wants and needs to be last and perhaps forgotten, yet again.

To get the worksheet that guides you through this process and also includes a “golden ticket” for your sacred self-pledge, click here.

Creating a beautiful life that feels good is a matter of following these simple, yet sometimes not easy, steps.

With a life plan, you get clarity on what you actually want and what makes you happy.

With that clarity, you have a tremendous amount of confidence and energy to go after the life that you want to be living.

Sara Christensen will show you how to create your very own sacred life plan. You will discover how to prioritize, make a plan and commit to your dreams. Go to to read the full article

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  • Jess

    April 17, 2017 at 10:48 am Reply

    Love this post! I was exactly like you but have been able to pull myself out of it using what you’ve written about. They definitely work if you put your mind to it! Thanks for sharing

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