The 2018 Hello Peaceful Mind Planner will help you take action to change your life in 2018. You will create an action plan every quarter, break down goals into a to-do list every month and plan every day of your week to maximize your productivity.

This planner has been designed to help YOU be more organized and productive.

Here’s how the planner works:

1 – Define your focus and main goals for 2018
2 РCreate an action plan for your quarterly goals
3 – Write a step by step checklist for your monthly goals
4 – Organize your week by creating daily to-do lists


What you will find inside the Productivity Planner:

Yearly pages:
Areas of focus
Quarterly focus
Bucket list
New habits to create
New skills to learn
Places to see

Quarterly pages:
Skills to learn
Trips to take
Habits to create
Self-care ideas
Action plan for 3 goals

Monthly pages:
Monthly mantra
Monthly bucket list
Monthly focus
Monthly self-care ideas
Monthly calendar
To-do list for 3 goals with due dates and reward

Weekly pages:
Monthly calendar
Habits tracker
Goals / Focus of the week checklist
Good things to celebrate / Grateful list
Notes for next week
Daily checklist

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