The ultimate guide to help you transform your bedroom into a peaceful retreat so you can have a better sleep! Read the full article on

How To Create A Peaceful Bedroom In 11 Easy Steps


The ultimate guide to help you transform your bedroom into a peaceful retreat so you can have a better sleep! Read the full article on

Your bedroom is probably the room where you spend the most time (sleeping, yes), but 8 hours every day! Having a peaceful bedroom will help you unwind after a long day, and more importantly, improve your sleep.

We already talked about what to do when your mind is preoccupied and at what time you should go to bed but I think it is important to create a good environment to easily sleep and relax in.

1. Declutter

Removing the clutter in your bedroom will remove the clutter from your mind. Only keep what is necessary and make sure that you have enough space.

In our room we have:

  • A king size bed
  • Two nightstands
  • A dresser
  • A mirror

We keep our laundry baskets in the closet to remove the distraction from the dirty laundry. And especially the “Oh, I forgot to do the laundry again” stress.

2. Paint your walls in light and natural colors

It’s important to surround yourself with calming colors. We didn’t repaint our bedroom since we moved in, but I think that the colors are too dark making it a bit claustrophobic.

Here are the colors that I recommend:

  • white
  • beige
  • light brown
  • light green
  • light blue

You can paint your bedroom in one day. All you have to do is move your furniture so you can reach the wall, cover them and the floor, and paint!

3. Add Texture

This is something I have learned in The Little Book of Hyggye from my summer reading list.

You should incorporate textures in your home to make it feel cozier.

For example, our bed, nightstands, and dresser are in wood, and we have carpet on the floor. You can also add a fluffy blanket on top of your bed (we have this one in our living room that I love).

4. Get blackout curtains

Having blackout curtains will allow you to sleep longer during the summer time but it will also keep the heat OUT during summer time and IN during winter.

Plus it will make your bedroom look cozier!

We have simple gray curtains that I am thankful to have, especially when the sun rises early, so I can get my 8 hours of sleep.

5. Display peaceful art work

Your bedroom is a place for you to relax and dream, so add beautiful and peaceful pictures on the wall.

If you need some inspiration, you can find my landscape photography here.

6. Get a wake-up light / white noise / alarm clock

These little machines will help you start your day positively. For one thing, the sunrise light will slowly wake you up so you won’t be groggy in the morning, and on top of that, the white noise will help you relax.

I recently got a BEDDI Glow to help me naturally wake up in the morning. I like this one because it has a lot of features:

  • Sunrise simulating light
  • It tells the weather and traffic with the alarm
  • You can set white noise with a timer
  • You can use it as a bedside light and set a timer to turn it off
  • It has Bluetooth and you can use it as a speaker

7. Diffuse oil

An oil diffuser will help you relax, clear the air, get energy and become happier.

Now they have so many different ones that you can find one that is pretty and cheap on Amazon!

If you don’t have one yet, check this one out!

8. Keep all electronics out

Now that you have a sunrise alarm clock, you have no more excuses to keep your phone in the bedroom. Same with the TV, laptop, tablets (read a real book instead), and other devices.

Removing electronic devices from your bedroom will help you have a better sleep and reduce your stress (no more checking emails before going to bed)

Instead, you can charge your phone in the living room or the office. Don’t worry your phone will be fine!

9. Make your bed in the morning

Making your bed in the morning will help you feel productive from the beginning of the day. And you will feel more satisfied every time you walk by your bed during the day, you might feel the need to jump on top of it and grab a book because it looks so nice!

Plus this goes back to our first point: remove clutter. Even if it doesn’t add anything to have a bed unmade, it still feels distracting.

10. Light candles

This is another takeaway that I got from The Little Book of Hygge. Lighting candles will add coziness to your bedroom. Seriously imagine yourself reading a book, wrapped in a puffy blanket, next to a candle.

Especially during the winter, it will make you feel warmer just to look at it!

11. Open your windows every day

Your bedroom needs some fresh air every day, and that means in the winter too. But don’t worry, as only 10 minutes should be enough to recycle the air.

I prefer to open it in the morning before going to work. This way by the time I’m going to bed (many hours later) the room is warm and still smells good!

Create a calm bedroom to easily sleep and relax with this ultimate guide. Decorate your bedroom, remove distractions and more! Read the full article on

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How did you create a peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom? Share your ideas in the comments to inspire others!



Julie was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during the summer of 2016 and have since been fighting mental health stigmas by bringing awareness on the subject and sharing tips to help people become happier. Read Julie’s inspiring story, “My Journey Into Acknowledging The Depression.” Feel free to send a message to Julie here.

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  • Jo

    August 24, 2017 at 9:36 am Reply

    Julie, I see the wisdom of these steps. But what do you do when you have to have everything in your bedroom? I live with my daughter and son-in-love, and care for my 6 month old granddaughter. The only space I have for my laptop and desk and everything else, is my bedroom. I want to keep the desk so that I have a place to do my artwork, but I feel hemmed in. Do you have any suggestions. I also have my tv on a stand, a dresser, one bedside table, and a file cabinet…sigh.

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