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Did you know that having a morning routine will help you to reduce your stress? Discover why and other benefits of a routine on

5 Reasons Why You Need A Morning Routine

This month, we are doing a self-care challenge with the peaceful tribe, if you are not part of the group yet you can join us for free over here: Join The Peaceful Tribe One important aspect of self-care is to create a morning routine. Why? Because every morning we are in a rush and barely take the…

Sara Christensen will show you how to create your very own sacred life plan. You will discover how to prioritize, make a plan and commit to your dreams.

How to Create Your Sacred Life Plan

There was a time in my life when all I could do was make it through the day. I was always late and behind on something. Reacting to everything being thrown at me. Feeling exhausted and like I was doing a bad job at life. I was in 100% survival mode. Barely making it through…

Do you want to be more productive? Join the productivity challenge to get organized, automate your work, set goals and create an action plan in 30 days! Click on the pin to read the blog article.

How To Be More Productive In 30 Days

Do you want to be more productive and get your time back? Seriously, how many times did you postpone responding to your mom’s email just because it was too overwhelming to open your inbox or didn’t finish a project on time because you had too many things on your plate? Yes, this happens to me…