Do you want to declutter your bathroom? Here is how to do it efficiently!

How To Declutter Your Bathroom Efficiently


Do you want to declutter your bathroom? Here is how to do it efficiently! #decluttering #homeorganization

Since I am now working from home and I have friends and family visiting in the next few months, I am spending a bit of time decluttering and organizing my house. And I have to say that it feels so good!

This weekend I completely decluttered and organized my master bathroom, and I wanted to share with you the process so you can do it too.

How to declutter?

There are many ways of decluttering, but because I am dealing with anxiety and can quickly get overwhelmed, I prefer to focus on one thing at a time instead of doing it all at once.

What I mean by this is that I am going to work on one room at a time and then one drawer at a time.

If I take everything out at once and see a massive pile of stuff in the middle of the room, I get distracted and give up.

So here’s my process:

  1. Remove everything from the drawers, one at a time
  2. clean the drawers
  3. Look at expiration dates of products and throw away what’s expired
  4. For what’s left ask you these questions:
    1. Do I use it?
    2. Do I need it?
    3. When was the last time I used it?
  5. Put back what you need in a specific spot
  6. Give or throw away what you never use
  7. Then follow the same process for the shower/bathtub, under the sink and the whole room

A few things to think about when you are decluttering your bathroom

Makeup and beauty products

I only keep what I use for my everyday look and what I need for my party looks. I got a cute box at Marshall’s to keep them organized and hidden on the countertop so I can access it easily.

For my current everyday morning routine I need:

And then I have the UD Naked Eyeshadow Palette Original, and a few flashy lipsticks to add some colors to my eyes when I go out in the evening.

Everything else I gave it away or throw it away. Now I only buy new makeup when I run out of something to avoid duplicates.

Shower/bath products

My philosophy here is similar than the one for the makeup. Only get one of each product I need and wait to be out of it to buy a new one.

This is what I currently use:

Nail polish

For the nail polish, I let go of colors that I know I would not use again or are no longer moving when I shake them and then put them in a CD basket like this one, and put it under the sink.


The jewelry is a little bit more tricky since we might need different ones according to our clothes.

To be honest, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. What I have, I have it on 24/7. I’m too lazy to change my earrings every day, so I have small ones that I don’t need to remove when I sleep. Then I have a kate spade necklace that I bought with one of my photographer friends and sleep with it too.

But then I have an arrow on my mirror, similar to this one, with the necklaces that I am most likely to wear when I am going out. And I have a glass box below it for my earrings and bracelets.

Since both of them are very visible, it forces me to keep the bare minimum. Everything else is in a  toiletry bag under the sink.


When you are going to go through your prescriptions, you will find that a lot of them are expired. I think I will try to take the habits to look through them twice a year. I mean I found stuff from our car accident back in 2013 that expired in 2015 …

If you don’t know where to start when you are decluttering your bathroom, this is a right place because you will get rid of a lot of things and it will inspire you to do the same with the rest of the room.

Save for later

Do you want to declutter your bathroom? Here is how to do it efficiently! #decluttering #homeorganization

Further reading

Over to you

What was the last room you decluttered in your home?


Julie was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during the summer of 2016 and have since been fighting mental health stigmas by bringing awareness on the subject and sharing tips to help people become happier. Read Julie’s inspiring story, “My Journey Into Acknowledging The Depression.” Feel free to send a message to Julie here.

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