On August 2016, I’ve been diagnosed with moderate major depression and anxiety. People who know me might be surprised by this revelation. I’m always smiling, joking around and busy with personal projects, but the truth is I spent a lot of time reading fiction and watching TV to interfere with my thoughts. After talking with my doctor and some of my friends, I realized it was time to start taking care of myself and that I was not alone. So I decided to share my experience and tips on getting a healthy mind for a better and happier life.

My journey to aknowledging the depression

Here is the thing, my life is good. I have a good full-time job. I have an amazing husband and a fluffy cat named Toby De Vitto. My photography business is starting to take off. I’m always involve in different projects like writing a novel. I own a house and a car. I also have several groups of friends and hang out with them regularly.

So who was I to be depressed?

People have worse lives than mine. But here is the thing with depression, it can happen to anybody.

It was hard to admit that something was wrong with me. Accepting that I was depressed was like saying that I was a failure.

My husband who is studying psychology told me many times that depression is genetic, but for whatever reason it was hard for me to accept that this mental illness could be genetic, I believed it was all in the mind.

Things changed when many articles popped in my news feeds after the discovery of genetic variations linked to depression. After reading the results of the research, I finally understood that some people are more prone to depression than other and I was probably one of them. So I made an appointment with the doctor to find out.

What you will find on Hello Peaceful Mind

The first thing the doctor said was that I needed to work out at least three hours a week. Not because I gained weight the past few months, this was another motivation, but to produce the chemicals needed in the brain to reduce depression and anxiety.

Then she added that I needed to take antidepressants. I tried to negotiate no medication but she had a point, there was no way I was going to start working out in the state I was. Let’s face it, I have been “trying” to work out for a couple of years and with all the projects I have (including Netflix), it quickly went at the bottom of my list.

The medication is suppose to only be a kick to get the motivation to move my butt and take care of my mind and life. My goal is to only take it for a few months, until I get back on track. This is the whole reason behind this blog. I will share tips and information about what is helping me to have a healthy mind and a happier life!

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