gift ideas for men and women

Christmas is around the corner! Are you excited? I love this is season, it's so festive! We get to eat lots of good food, share moments with friends and family and, best of all, it's the season for gifts! 

Of course I love receiving presents but I also love to give gifts! My philosophy for gift giving is to always find something that the person will love to have or find useful but will not buy for themselves. 

I thought that this year I would make it easier on you to get peaceful and fun gift ideas by sharing some of my favorites! 

You will find:

  • Gift ideas for him
  • Gift ideas for her
  • More gifts ideas for grown ups
  • Gift ideas for stockings
  • Gift exchanges ideas

How to save money when buying gifts

First of all, I wanted to talk to you about a cool tool that I use to save money. Not because I'm cheap but because if I can get the same product for a lower price, I'm all for it 🙂 

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It also indicates which stores have cash back and the percentage of it in Google search results.

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Yep, you read it well! Ebates* is a free service helping you to get money back from your online shopping. 

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Gift Ideas for Him

Looking for gift ideas for the men in your life? For a father, a husband, a boyfriend, a brother, a son or just a friend? Here is my 2016 Christmas selection of gifts for men. 

Gift Ideas for Her

Here is a list of fun and peaceful gift ideas for the women in your life, whether they be a mother, wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend or friend.

More Gift Ideas for Grown Ups

Peaceful gift ideas for him and her!

Gift Ideas for Stockings

Are you usually waiting last minute to by stockings like me? Please tell me I'm not alone! This year I decided to be organized and buy stockings ahead of time. Here is the list of things I like.

Gift Exchanges Ideas

Are you going to participate at a secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange but have no idea of what to get? Here are a few suggestions.

Over to you

Go to Ebates to get your $10 and receive more cashback while shopping online and register for free here*.

What is your dream gift for Christmas? Share your response in the comments below.

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  1. I love these ideas! I actually have the Yoga Joes tucked away in my hutch as a gift for my honey (great minds think alike!) and I have a drone on my shopping list for him. I love everything on this list! Gave me some ideas for my wishlist too ; )

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