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Free resources for Personal Development


Audible is offering two free audiobooks to the readers of Hello Peaceful Mind. Click here to get yours!GET 2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS

Amazon is offering 2 free audiobooks to the readers of Hello Peaceful Mind! To get them you need to click on this link and subscribe to the Audible 30-day free trial. This link will give you 2 credits to get any audiobooks that you want. You can check the list of my favorite audiobooks for personal development in this article.


 Watch Workshops to learn new skills

I am obsessed with CreativeLive, I started watching their live classes to learn more about photography. But now, I am so happy to find more and more broadcasts about personal development with people like Mel Robbins, Gary John Bishop, and Tim FerrissYou can see the calendar of their upcoming broadcasts here.


Free resources for your health


Online Yoga Classes Available! Get A Free Month! Try Yoga  For a month

If you are a newbie in yoga or if you have practiced for a while, you should check out  MyYogaWorks for free! You will have access to 1,000+ premium YogaWorks classes, 30+ Journey Series collections to help you grow and 40+ professional YogaWorks teachers. Check out all the yoga classes available here!


Get 2 Weeks of Paleo Meal Planning

Meal planning gets easily become a hustle. This is why you should try Paleo Plan. It will help you discover new healthy recipes every week. You will receive your customized meal planning, your grocery list and recipes for the two weeks of your free trial! Click here to start your 14-day free trial at


Try 5 pairs of glasses at home

If you are like me and wear glasses, you know how expensive it can be to get new prescription glasses. This was until Warby Parker! I got my latest glasses there I love them. If you don’t have a store close to where you live, you can order 5 pairs online to try them at home before getting your prescription on your favorite glasses. Click here to select your glasses for the Warby Parker Free Home Try-On’s.


Free resources to be more productive

Automatically find typos and grammar mistakes

I use Grammarly all the time! When I write emails, when I write blog posts, when I create images to share online, when I write posts on Facebook and Instagram! I love Grammarly because it’s easy to use and will find typos. Plus, English is not my native language so it’s a good way to improve my writing skills. You can get Grammarly for free by clicking here!


Block distractions

Freedom will help you remove distractions on your phone and computer. All you have to do is set the time you need to focus and select distracting websites and apps and Freedom will take care of the rest. Click here to use freedom for free during two weeks!

Free Resources for your family


Free Registration BannerGet organized with Cozi

Cozi is a free app available on iPhone/iPad,
Android, Windows & any desktop! This app will help you organize your family. You will be able to share calendars, grocery and to-do lists, set reminders and more for the whole family! Cozi is the #1 solution for organizing busy families. Try it today for free!


Free resources to manage your money


Improve your Credit score

Sign up to Credit Sesame to find out how you can improve your credit score for free! Credit Sesame is really easy to use and will help you improve your credit score really fast. All you have to do is to follow their recommendations and you will see the magic happen!



Make money by taking surveys

Swagbucks is a cool extension to make money online. I usually try to take surveys when I am bored at home or when I am waiting at the doctor, for transportation, … The surveys only take a few minutes and then you will be able to get a gift card. So far I’ve made $45 and I will just keep the money until Christmas! Join Swagbucks here.


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