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Have you ever had problems sleeping? Maybe because of an important meeting in the morning or you were just thinking too much as soon as the lights were turned off.

In the past, this was totally me. I used to analyze what happened during the day and imagine what might happen the day after. Let’s just say that I was thinking too much. My husband used to be annoyed when he got to bed and I asked him to pay this bill or call that company in the morning. “It’s not the moment to talk about choirs,” he used to say and he was right.

So I’ve tried a few tricks to help me relax before going to bed and sleep faster. Here is what worked for me.

1. Disconnect

I have to confess. I think – let’s be real – I KNOW, that I’m addicted to my phone.

Before, I would waste one hour on my phone every night. As soon as I got to bed I would check my social accounts one last time. But then I clicked here and there and usually ended up on YouTube watching stupid videos for about an hour.

It had to change.

So I found this amazing tool called QualityTime. Sorry Mac Lovers it’s only on Android for now.

I use it all the time! You can do a lot with this app including scheduling breaks so you can’t access any apps on your phone or see any notifications during a set time. Don’t worry if you really have to use an app you can always stop the break.

Now, my phone automatically stops me from wandering on social media every week night at 9:30 pm. The first couple of weeks, I set it up to 10 pm and when I got used to it I moved it to earlier.

If I didn’t convince you yet, watch the Quality Time trailer:

2. Drink Sleeping Tea

When I have a stressful day, I like to get a cup of sleeping tea before going to bed.

Sleeping tea is usually composed of chamomile or valerian. According to research, chamomile helps to calm your mind if you have anxiety while valerian is believed to be a mild sedative.

So if you had a stressful day, relax with a cup of tea before going to sleep. Here are a few of my favorites:

3. Keep a Journal

I talked about it in my earlier article: 5 reasons why you should start a diary.

Every night, I write down the highlights of my day. I focus on the positive. For example, I may write down everything that I accomplished and any pleasant surprises from the day. If something is bothering me, I first write about it to let it out and then focus on the happy moments of the day.

Reminding myself that I had a good day, helps to stop stressing about what will happen tomorrow and what I could have done better during the day.

You should try it! Here are a few journals to help you start:

Dailygreatness Journal

Get 5% off by using this link!

4. Read

If you’ve followed Hello Peaceful Mind, you already know that I am a bookaholic.

Here is the thing, I cannot sleep without reading.


Simply because reading helps to stop thinking. If you read fiction, you are transported into a different world. If you read non-fiction, your mind is not focused on your troubles anymore.

So read my friend, read anything you want, but read.

If you want some suggestions, check out our book reviews:

Book Review of the joy of lessCalm is a great book for anybody interested in MeditationBook Review: The Joy of Less by Francine Jay

Book Review: Calm, Learn How to Calm Your Mind


5. Meditate

This is my last trick. If nothing else works, I do a body scan.

Here is how I do it:

  1. Lay on your back
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Breath slowly
  4. Focus on your breath
  5. Move your focus to the stop of your head, still breathing slowly
  6. Slowly move your focus down your body, stopping at every part: eye, nose, mouth … until you reach your feet

If you wander back in your troubles, it’s okay just stop thinking about it and refocus to where you were.

Here is a cool YouTube video if you prefer to have a guided meditation:

Do you have trouble sleeping? Follow these tips to help you calm your mind and fall asleep more easily! Click on the image to read the full article.

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Over To You

What are your tips and tricks for a better sleep? Share your suggestions in the comments!

How to Easily Sleep when your Mind is Preoccupied
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How to Easily Sleep when your Mind is Preoccupied
Did you ever had trouble sleeping? Follow these steps to help you easily find sleep when you had a stressful day. They work for me!
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Julie was diagnosed with anxiety and depression during the summer of 2016 and have since been fighting mental health stigmas by bringing awareness on the subject and sharing tips to help people become happier. Read Julie’s inspiring story, “My Journey Into Acknowledging The Depression.” Feel free to send a message to Julie here.

15 thoughts on “How to Easily Sleep When Your Mind is Preoccupied”

  1. A routine is really helpful. I start 30 minutes before bed. Meditative breathing helps alot. I actually do this strange thing. I make up stories in my head like writing a book. That app looks interesting.

    1. I loove making up stories in my head too! I actually started writing a speculative YA so imagine what can happen in the book next 🙂
      This is actually a good tip!

  2. It is so difficult sometimes to shut off ones mind so get a good nights sleep. I like drinking herbal tea and reading for maybe half an hour before heading to bed.

      1. Hi Julie! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier! One of my favorite podcasts is “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.” I love that it gives practical ideas for new habits that will help you to be happier in daily life. I also love “The Ben Shapiro Show.” He is a constitutional conservative that talks about politics in a way that helps me to feel a lot more educated about truth. Do you have any podcasts that you love??

  3. I find a bedtime routine helps. I usually will dim the lights an hour before bed and then take a warm candle lit bath on stressful days.

  4. Sometimes it is so hard to turn off your mind at night, especially when your feeling inspired. One of my bad habits is hanging out on my laptop working right up until bed time. But I am trying to get into a better habit of just not being on any electronic devices at night. It is a work in progress!

  5. As preoccupied as my mind is, I have to say sleeping is something I’ve never really struggled with. I’ve included reading before bed in my routine forever (except in high school and college, which would explain why I had the most sleep issues then). It helps me unwind and disconnect.

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