Do you want to improve your relationship? Here are 7 #selfcare date ideas that will bring you closer! #date #marriedlife

7 Self-Care Date Ideas That Will Improve Your Relationship


Do you want to improve your relationship? Here are 7 #selfcare date ideas that will bring you closer! #date #marriedlife

Last week I shared with you how dating my husband saved our relationship. Someone emailed me after reading the article to get a few date ideas so I thought I could share a few with you all 😉

In this article I will give you self-care ideas that you can do with your partner. 

1.  Get a Pedicure

The first time we went to New York we walked all the way from Columbia University to Times Square with my friend and my husband. That day our feet hurt like crazy by the time we arrived downtown. 

So my friend and I thought it would be a good idea to get a manicure and pedicure. It took us a lot of time to negotiate with my husband, but we finally convinced him by explaining that the good thing about getting a pedicure is that you will get a foot massage.

So while we got our manicure and pedicure, my husband got a pedicure with a very long massage.

And I have to tell you that since that day he has been the one asking to get a pedicure together 🙂

So it might take a bit a convincing the first time, but you will see that once they try it, they love it!

2. buy new underwear

One of the first dates we did was at Victoria Secret to get a new bra and panty that he selected for me. To be able to do that, you need to make sure to set a budget for date night when you are working on it at the beginning of the month

Of course, the bra that he chose make my boobs look huge, I mean I’m already a 32 DD, and he decided to get a bra that adds two cups, which I would have never bought for myself. But this date was about connecting and creating intimacy, so I got out of my comfort zone to make him happy.

Now, when I get ready in the morning, the days I’m wearing the underwear that he chose for me, I like to show him and tell him to think about it while he’s at work 😉

What I like about this is that it’s like a secret that you share together during the day, which helps to feel more connected.

3. go for a walk at sunset

As you probably know, I love photography and have been for years. But lately, I finally got my husband hooked too. It started a couple of years ago when I got him an action camera for Christmas. Now, he has a refurbished Rebel T6 that I got on Black Friday, and he just found a used Sigma 30mm F1.4 on Facebook for half the price.

At this point, we are both really into photography which I love. So now one of our favorite dates is to find new viewpoints on Google map and take pictures together.

You don’t have to be into photography to enjoy this. Just walking around during sunset is a peaceful experience that will bring you closer.

4. Take a class together

A few years ago, I was really into writing fiction and took a couple of continuing education classes at a community college close to my work.

I loved it so much that I convinced my husband to take a writing class together durin the following quarter. 

Every week we had to bring new material to the class so we would help each other working on our stories. 

Our writing styles are very different, first of all, English is not my first language so I find it easier to write YA fiction, while my husband is more into writing mystery and suspenseful books like Stephen King.

I think this is something that I would like to do next year when our lives get less busy. I would love to take another class together. One thing that I think could be fun is to learn Japanese and then go to Tokyo together!

5. Learn how to give massages

Talking about taking a class together here is one that can be fun as a couple! 

Learning how to massage each other is a win-win. You will both get out of this experience relaxed but also feel closer.

You can find deals on Groupon like this one to learn how to give a safe and relaxing massage. Or if you prefer to stay at home, you can find videos on YouTube and experiment with each other.

6. Have brunch in a new bakery or coffee place

Since I am working from home, I like to discover new places during the weekend. 

I started to make a list of bakeries and coffees on Yelp and try to go there when I work on my blog to be in a different environment than when I am focusing on my full-time job.

But last week we decided to go to have brunch in one of the bakeries that I recently discovered. As a French person, it’s not easy to find a good bakery in the USA but this one has delicious croissants, and I always have a hard time selecting what to get.

It was actually nice to get out of the house to get brunch together before he had to go to work.

7. Bring books to the park

Another thing that we like to do is meet up at the beach or a park after work. I try to get out of the house when I finish work, so if I don’t get the motivation to go to the gym, I like to take a book and go to a park. Then I usually let Jimmy know where he can find me on his way home from work.

I always have my Kindle in my purse, and my husband tries to bring his everywhere too. This way we can just meet up any time and relax together with a good book 🙂

PS: read this post if you want to know how to get your favorite books for free on your Kindle!

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Do you want to improve your relationship? Here are 7 #selfcare date ideas that will bring you closer! #date #marriedlife

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