Make the best of 2017 with no resolutions
After talking about the best planners and podcasts to improve your life in 2017, now is the time to bring up new year resolutions.

This year I will not make any resolutions and neither should you. Instead, we should focus on getting new habits, one at a time.

This article is going to help you make a plan to improve your life in 2017 and stick to it. To help you, I created a workbook that you can download for free!

Resolutions vs Habits

Every year, we make new resolutions. A lot of resolutions. The first two weeks of January it’s all we talk about. We get a new gym membership, we don’t eat fast food, we save money, name your last year’s resolutions here …

But how long does it last? Do you remember when was the last time you stuck to your New Year’s resolutions?

I can’t even name one finished resolution for my past 29 years!

And you know why?

Every January I overwhelm myself with too many new goals that I start all at once.

Are you feeling the same?

This is why this year I am going to make a list of 12 new habits that I would like to acquire in 2017 and focus on one of them each month.

Does it sound like a plan?

The free workbook will help you make the best of 2017 by focusing on 12 goals and keeping track of them.

Let’s get started.

1. Find your theme

The first step to plan your year is to select an overall thematic. Your theme should be simple with only one or a few words. This is going to help you focus and make it easy to remind yourself of your yearly goal.

It needs to be a sentence that boosts and motivates you to make the changes you want in your life.

For example, I decided that 2017 will be the year of success and happiness. I want to be successful in my business and happy in my personal life!

What do you want 2017 to be?

Here are a few themes that you might like:

  • Me (self-care)
  • Adventures
  • Being Intentional
  • Serenity
  • Freedom
  • Finding myself
  • Communication
  • Living with less

Finish this sentence:

2017 will be the year of _______

2. Select your areas of focus

Once you know what theme you want to focus on in 2017, let’s dig deeper.

Think about which specific areas you want to work on to improve your life. It can be anything from your finances to personal growth.

Thinking about which areas you want to improve in your life, is going to help you to decide which new habits and goals you should focus on next year.

For example, two of my areas of focus are reading and personal growth, therefore I decided that one of the new habits I want to implement in 2017 is to read or listen to a personal development book every month.

See it’s easy. First, find the problem then come up with a solution.

You will find a list with 26 suggestions for areas you can improve in your life and also add your own in the free workbook!

3. Choose 12 goals and habits

Now that you know which areas of your life can be improved, let’s find ways to make it happen!

You can decide to implement a new habit in your life, like writing in a diary every night to help you sleep (link to post) or just go for a specific goal like a 90 day no spending challenge if you want to improve your finances or save money for a trip.

There are so many things you can do!

In the workbook, you will be able to write down 12 habits or goals. Select how often you will work on it: is it going to be daily, weekly or monthly?

I would also recommend taking notes on why you want to accomplish it, how it’s going to impact your life and plan how you are going to make it happen! At the end of the workbook, you will find checklists to use if you want to be more specific 😉

4. Create a bucket list

Why are new year resolutions and goals so serious? Where is the fun in trying to lose weight? Saving money? Etc?

This year you and I are going to make a list of fun things to do in 2017 and cross one off every month.

What do you think? Are you in?

So think about anything you’ve always wanted to do but have been scared or unable to make happen. By planning ahead you will have no excuses!

You know what? Why not share your list with your friends and family to see who wants to join you! You can put it on your fridge, send an email or create a private group on Facebook.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Travel somewhere
  • Jump from a plane
  • Sleep under the stars
  • Learn a new instrument
  • Participate in a talent show
  • Start a blog
  • Run a marathon
  • Try Archery
  • Surprise someone
  • Fly in hot-air balloon
  • Anything you want (you got it)

5. Monthly check-in

Now that you know everything that you want to accomplish in 2017, let’s make it happen!

All you have to do is use the monthly check-in pages of the workbook and keep track of your activity.

First, select which item from your bucket list you are going to cross off.

After, decide which new goal or habit you are going to focus on during the month. Is it going to be daily, weekly or monthly?

Then, all you have to do is check the box for every day you are working on something!

Remember, you don’t want to overwhelm yourself so only add a new habit to your life when you feel ready. If it takes you more than a month, it’s okay, just take your time and make it happen!



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Further Reading

Over to you

So are you ready to rock 2017? What are your goals? Share them with us in the comments below!

How to Make the Best of 2017 Without Resolutions
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How to Make the Best of 2017 Without Resolutions
This year, I will make no resolutions and neither should you. Instead, you should focus on these 5 steps to make the best of 2017!
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  1. Hi there! I’ve recently started reading your blog and I really like it. I’m interested in getting the 2017 workbook as it seems to really meet my needs for 2017, but the download doesn’t seem to work! Sorry to bother, but can you please help me? My email address is [email protected]

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  4. I have a goal this year to focus more on self care. While i do have many goals for 2017, including studying for the LSAT to be admitted into law school, self care is most important to pay attention than anything

  5. Loved this workbook! Thank you so much for creating it! I plan to link to it in my latest post about monthly intentions. I can’t wait for more people to check it out 🙂

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