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Discover how to easily create a monthly budget and automatically calculate how much you can save with the FREE monthly budget calculator. Go to to download it!

How to Create a Monthly Budget + FREE Calculator

Money can be stressful… VERY stressful. It is actually one of the main sources for arguments in relationships.  I know that for us it was, and sometimes still is. People say that money doesn’t make you happy, and I agree with this statement, but I would also add that money can stress you out.  It…

Discover how to create a summer capsule wardrobe and how it will make you more confident! Head over to to find out what is in my summer 2017 capsule wardrobe!

How To Minimize Your Closet and Boost Your Confidence

What is a capsule wardrobe The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to minimize your closet to 30-40 items for the season including your shoes and outerwear. However, Pajamas, accessories, fitness apparel and special occasion outfits are not included in the capsule wardrobe. Benefits of having a capsule wardrobe: More room in your closet Love…