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How to Organize a Fun Weekly Brunch

We started a new tradition with my husband, every Saturday we have friends coming over for Brunch. We decided to have a weekly brunch for many reasons. For one, with our routine life, we don’t see our friends anymore. When I first moved in Seattle most of us lived in the same neighborhood. My husband…

Do you feel stressed or depressed? Find out the best ways to let go of your stress and become happier. This list includes 18 tips to try today!

Everything You Need To Know To Stop Stress

Hello Peaceful Mind opened seven months ago after I was diagnosed with Moderate Major Depression and Anxiety. I used to be stressed all the time. And to be honest, I still have moments when I feel my heart and chest tighten. But, overall, I am so much happier! Now I have the motivation to get…

I LOVE this easy way to create a morning routine and find out how to start the day full of energy! it also comes with a FREE calculator to know how long you need for your morning routine, when you need to wake up and when you need to go to bed! Go to to download it.

Find Out When You Need To Sleep

This month we have been talking a lot about self-care. First with the self-care challenge in the Peaceful Tribe, and we previously talked about why you need a morning routine. Now we are going to talk about how much sleep you need and calculate when you need to get to bed. To help you, I created…

Meal planning totally changed my life, now I can relax instead of stressing out about dinner! This article is explaining well how to and the benefits of meal planning. Read it on

How To Reduce Your Stress By Planning Your Meals

How many times did the thought of “What’s for dinner?” make you feel stressed or anxious? I can tell you that from the moment I had kids, this became a major stressor. The main two reasons were that it became my responsibility to provide them with healthy meals and money stretched much tighter. Once food allergies were thrown into…