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The Best Tools To Improve Your Life And Be Happier

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Do you want to become happier? Here are a list of new habits you can work on that will change your life! Go to to read the full article!

New Habits That Will Make You Happier

In the past few months, I have been working really hard to become happier. Let’s say it, it’s not easy to be happy. Life just carries us away and every day starts to look the same.  We wake up, get ready to work, work, go home, have dinner, watch TV and go to bed. But you…

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How to Create a Monthly Budget + FREE Calculator

Money can be stressful… VERY stressful. It is actually one of the main sources for arguments in relationships.  I know that for us it was, and sometimes still is. People say that money doesn’t make you happy, and I agree with this statement, but I would also add that money can stress you out.  It…